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So Much for Obedience

Priest Calls Patriarch “Betrayer” of the faith!


One of the Priests in the Metropolis of Atlanta has published open criticisms of the Ecumenical Patriarch.  His website is filled with questionable fundamentalist-type topics.   No one appears to be too concerned – even if the Patriarch is called a “betrayer” of the faith by one of the Greek Orthodox Priests in the Metropolis of Atlanta.  Did Metropolitan Alexios respond?  We have not been made aware of it.  Click to read.

6 thoughts on “So Much for Obedience

  1. Well that was a ridiculous statement of Pat. Bart to say. We do not believe in the same God. How can we when other religions do not accept Jesus Christ as God? Buddha is not Jesus.

    • Romanos

      You are erroneously extrapolating and translating this into something else that was not said nor inferred. If you do not get it, explaining it here may not make a difference for you. Do you think everyone who is not an Orthodox Christian is going to hell?

  2. Tomk

    It is no wonder that fundamentalism can be seen as the single greatest heresy in the Christian world today.

  3. Stella T

    What do you expect from our Metropolitan? He is the same guy that had a reception for a monk (from Vatopedi) that is a convicted felon from Greece!

  4. Manoli

    Wasn’t this the same priest they bounced out of Chicago?

    Chicago is like a baseball farm system. It produces Ephraimites, old calendarists disguised as new calendarists, misfits with personality disorders, and others, and then they get shipped out.

    God bless Chicago for producing so many various ways to destroy the church!

  5. Tomk

    Ever since we left the monasteries of Ephraim in the United States, we have watched the slow destruction of the Greek Orthodox Church in the United States.