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NEW Website in Chicago Appeals for Help!

One thought on “NEW Website in Chicago Appeals for Help!

  1. Athena

    Thank you WeAreOrthodox. It breaks my heart because I know it’s all true. I’m glad that you, OCL’s George Carcazes and others, and this anonymous priest, have been speaking, not to mention the bravery of Fr. Artemas himself, of course. I’m from the Chicago metropolis and know particularly the parish of Ss. Peter & Paul, so I knew there was something fishy about the “switch” from the beginning.

    As for Fr. Dokos, how ironic that he seems most likely to face criminal charges when in fact Bishop Demetrios does not appear above reproach in this at all.

    In Greece, the clergy have their own “union” and many of them are not afraid to criticize their bishops publicly. Of course, the government paid their salaries.

    How weak are not only our clergy but even our laity in this country? Perhaps because Orthodoxy is not the only game in town, people, instead of complaining, just vote with their feet and, as Fr. Nicholas wrote, go to another jurisdiction or even a non-Orthodox church.

    The saddest thing of all is that our bishops don’t seem to care.