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Leader Warns of Chicago’s Future

The Chicago Metropolis “cannot survive more of the same“.

One of the most experienced, wise, respected, and loved lay leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church of America (GOA), Mrs. Elaine Jaharis, had an open letter published in the July 2017 first week’s issue of The National Herald.

In this letter she warns that the future executive leader of the Chicago Metropolis must actually be a loving and ethical shepherd to heal “the grievous wounds of recent years“, otherwise the negative impact of a bad selection will impact the GOA across the country.  As it is, she states that the current state of affairs earmark the Chicago Metropolis as “unsustainable”.

Additionally, she states that the future Metropolitan of the Chicago Metropolis must address the concerns emanating from the fundamentalist  Ephraimite movement which has divided and damaged the Church.  What makes this letter so very powerful is that Mrs. Jaharis is not known for being outspoken.

Typically modest and reserved, Mrs. Jaharis’ words reverberate with the weight of the concerns for the well being of the Metropolis of Chicago.  Indeed, her open letter illustrates the concern she has for the GOA in America.  There are many lay-leaders throughout the country that have voiced concern behind the scenes.  We are grateful that Mrs. Jaharis carries on the leadership by integrity model of her late father-in-law, Mr Michael Jaharis, the former Vice-Chairman of the GOA.

We pray that the truths she has spoken are heard by our Holy Synod of the GOA, and our Patriarch Bartholomew.

To view the letter in an easy-to-print format please click here.

To view a pic of the actual article as seen in the publication click here. 

Please call our Patriarch first, and also our Archbishop.  Insist that there is a completely new change of leadership in the Chicago Metropolis by a proven leader known for his love, integrity, non-fundamentalist agenda, and pro-active leadership.  If such a man exists, we need him there now.


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Thank you for your witness. Remember to pray for our Church. There is power there.