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He’s back……

…in the news again: Fr. George Passias.  This time for allegedly getting his girlfriend pregnant.   By the way, it turns out that this adult woman is reported to be his “God-daughter”.  Fr.Passias was recently suspended.  It is also reported that Fr. Passias and his wife are seeking shelter in one of Elder Ephraim’s Monasteries (of which Fr. Passias was a staunch supporter of).  We first posted this report in June of 2013 (click here to see that).

One cannot help but wonder: do our Metropolitans not deal with things until there is a crisis?  In effect, should they share some responsibility in causing the crisis (or other types/examples of crisis)  because they passively allowed it to fester and reach a crisis stage?

Pray for our Church.
We received an email from a faithful Greek Orthodox Priest who wrote the following.  Our response follows.
“Thank you for your final comment to “pray for our Church”….I would add that you, me and all of us “pray for our Church”  and also pray for the Passias’ and the “God-daughter” you reference.  The battle is not against the Church; the Passias’; Elder Ephraim or our Metropolitans….It is against Satan.  Lets focus on the real enemy.”


“I agree Father. I really do.  But they (clergy of all ranks) above all should know this better than me, and as such should be held to a higher standard.  Adopting that higher standard should mean being more pro-active about this.  

I really do mean it when I say to pray for our Church.  Our Church is indeed under attack by Satan.  He works in the most subtle of ways and knows how to make things reach critical mass.  A frog doesnt know the water has reached boiling temperatures until it is too late. Certainly the gates of Hell will NOT prevail against our Lord’s Church. I only hope to be a small part in reminding us that we are all accountable to each other. That reminder unfortunately here comes in the form of a story of a case study of souls that should also be prayed for.  But it beckons the question “What could we have done to minimize these things from happening?” Perhaps we are doing this.  Perhaps we are not doing enough. Perhaps if all our executive leaders led by example that would be an inspiration. Also, perhaps knowing we will be held accountable here (better here than in the after-life) will be another motivating factor in staying on the straight and narrow.
Please know, I do not write these things to personally attack anyone.  I do write these things because indiscretions lead people to give up the Orthodox faith, and in some unfortunate instances, faith in Christ altogether.  Sweeping things under the rug also does the same.
This is the spirit with which I write.
Your blessings, 

2 thoughts on “He’s back……

  1. It is a shame and personally Yianni is right. Many people will see this and say, “Why is this still going on? Why was this unprofessional behavior allowed to continue?” Point in fact, Bishop Vekentios was removed and summarily defrocked for making an accusation of sexual misconduct against a fellow man of the cloth! So how is it that this egregious behavior is allowed to continue within our church?