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Dangerous & Lucrative Trend of “Sick” Orthodox Guruism

For many years now we have been doing our best to raise the awareness of the faithful in America about the “cultish-like” phenomenon that seems to follow and even blindly obey Elder Ephraim of Arizona, Abbott Paisios of Arizona, and the like.

The January 31st edition of The National Herald has an article that raises these exact observations and questions. As a matter of fact, he references it as quite a lucrative industry as well.  While the local parishes struggle to pay their assessments and meet their recurring bills, the dozens of multi-million dollar Monasteries of Ephraim in the United States (and also those abroad not included in this tally)  have spawned unabashed.

Monasteries are not assessed like parishes are from the Archdiocese/Metropolis.  Yet Parishes are also “guilted” to help the monastery raise money by activities such as selling higher-than-market-prices for candles, icons, and other items.  Also many Parishes have reported to have monastics selling their wares at the local parish Greek Festival.  In fact, Ephraimite Monasteries have industrial type kitchens (that are the envy of many restaurants)  where they prepare their baked goods and delicacies, that are also sold at the local parish, and other venues too.   Any revenues from oversees (maybe from the coffers of Vatopedi?) are not included in this tally.

Yes Mr. Kalmoukos is right – again.  It is a lucrative industry.  Add to the mix alleged prophecies, miracles, blind obedience, while also disparaging the Hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese (GOA) it’s no wonder that the financial outlook looks pretty good.   Too bad many souls (and communities) may be destroyed in the process.

Mr. Kalmoukos is right – again.  This phenomenon is unhealthy.

Thank you Mr. Kamoukos for having the courage of your convictions to stand up and say things that are not comfortable, but nevertheless are true.

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Elderism, Futurism, and Prophetism

By Theodoros Kalmoukos – January 31, 2017

               A Pharisee

One thought on “Dangerous & Lucrative Trend of “Sick” Orthodox Guruism

  1. Basil312

    Mr. Kalmoukos,
    Once again you have “hit the nail on the head”!
    The Greek Orthodox Church in America is the Body of Christ. Your article points to the problem, unfortunately those who “lead” us are not the ones to implement a solution. I agree with your assessment that our Church is on the decline and I would go even further and tell you and your readers we are past the tipping point. Not only are the “leaders” showing all of us their personal weakness in not confronting this. It is worse, they have swept their investigation into the issue under the rug. Perhaps your newspaper can do an expose into the none reporting of the Monastery Task Force (MTF) later renamed the Monastery Review Committee (MRC). Here there were both findings and reports generated. WHERE ARE THEY? Sadly, we are all at the mercy of the Hierarchs on this issue. Clearly they want the Church to die, otherwise there would be an effort made to root out the problem. We should see that by the Church disintegrating we are all losing. But for the Hierarchs to allow this to happen, where we all lose, it is only logical that someone else is gaining. The Ephraimites will have history to deal with. Those who fostered the growth of this heresy will have the death of the Church laid at their feet. In some Metropolises, like Chicago, the willful blindness goes beyond the “leaders”, it is our laity as well. The Ephraimites have an army of troops within the Clergy. All ready to destroy what God has built in order to carry out the goals of their personal Messiah!