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Chicago Metropolis Intrigue

As a result of yet another disgrace the Church has to endure, I am submitting this in regards to the article below that was just published in the Chicago Tribune by reporter John Kass (please see his FB page too).

Bishop Demetri of Chicago

http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/glenview/crime/ct-priest-theft-charge-bishop-met-20150206-story.html   Click anywhere on this post to see Chicago Tribune Article.

You see, we are no better than anyone else. In the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, we are arrogant and self-referencing. We have an elitist class of despots with no real record of achievement aside from not being in a monogamous and heterosexual relationship. We are remarkably lax in any type of leadership and accountability when it comes to all manners of indiscretions. Our Hierarchs ignore. This is standard operating procedure. If we think we are better that the Catholics, we are fooling ourselves! Case in point: “Fr.” Adam Metropoulos. Removed from the Seminary for allegations of physical misconduct with minors, he managed to go back years later, get ordained, and then (as the Bangor News reported) continue to molest children.

We as a Laity are somehow indoctrinated to be pacifist lay-downs to anything a Hierarch says. This is NOT humility. We are seduced into thinking that we should not judge. Let me tell you something, we need to judge actions. Let God judge souls, but we need to judge actions and hold those responsible for staining the Church accountable to the highest degree possible. If a police officer breaks the law, he/she is dealt a more severe penalty because he should have known better. The same, if not MORE, should be dealt to our Clergy, especially Hierarchs. Enough. Fr. Dokos, Bishop Demetrios, and numerous others, should all be held accountable “for everything” they do openly, and in secret. Clergy should stop hiding behind the collar as if it were character. It is not a substitute for character. As Laymen, we need to insist on higher records of achievement and standards from our Hierarchs, and ourselves. Step up to the plate. Dont wimp out. Let’s clean up our house.

P.S. I think that scandals might cause people to leave the Church, the Faith, and in some cases belief in God all together. But that is no reason not to deal with them. However, “how” we deal with them (I believe) will also affect the faith of people also. Sweeping under the rug is not dealing with it. I dont judge the people, but actions must be accounted for. With God there is forgiveness, the law of the land does not negate God’s forgiveness, and in fact might force the perpetrators to re-evaluate themselves and lead toward repentance. Enforcing the law of the land might also mitigate criminal (or immoral) activity from happening again.