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Even though we happen to reside and witness events within the Atlanta G.O. Metropolis, This section is for comments regarding any Metropolis or Diocese (any jurisdiction) wherein there are concerns.

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  1. Tomk

    When people ask me why so many Greek Orthodox Christains are leaving our Church I am never at a loss to explain. Once again if you ever needed evidence of vindictiveness or collusion we have another incident that is coming to light. Our Church has descended into a path of plotting, scheming and secret understandings. Such appears to be the case of Father Angelo Artemas formally of the Metropolis of Chicago and then assigned to the Metropolis of Atlanta. After he stood up the forces of evil in the Metropolis of Chicago by not allowing himself to be manipulated into lying and covering up a criminal felony commited by addmitted felon Fr. James Dokos, Fr. Artemas is now paying the price! Meanwhile Fr. Dokos is suspended for only one year, see any irony here?

    If you really care about the Church, please start asking questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would love to see some feedback here, I will fill in the blanks later.

  2. Harry

    Metropolitan Isaiah does not think he will be going anywhere. Bishop Demetri and Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago seem quite comfortable with where they are. So the question is asked, “Is the Patriarch’s request for their resignation worth nothing?” Archbishop Demetri is a humble man and a good man, but is his demeanor being taken advantage of by our Metropolitans? Who is actually leading the Greek Orthodox Church worldwide and throughout America?

  3. Romanos

    A new website has just appeared entitled Orthodox Reformer. Yet another indication of the grass-roots level anger that is brewing across our country regarding what is viewed as inappropriate actions one behalf of the 2 Hierarchs of the Chicago Metropolis.

    The newest post by the Editor is entitled “Whom Do They Serve?”

    We wonder how much damage has to be done before our executive leadership addresses these real issues?

    Click to visit this site:


  4. Father x

    The Church is a battle ground. But no one knows that this means we must do battle! The devil is there perpetually trying to destroy it. The devil has perfect attendance at church. Fortunately so does the Lord and His sacred legions.

    The problem is that we in the “church militant” are becoming pacifists. Part of this is because this is what our high ranking leaders want because then we as clergy and laity are easier to control. We are being trained to be “yes-men” and this is masked under the banner of humility. Consequently our Hierarchs then get surrounded by “yes men”. Real manhood means you must stand up sometimes – otherwise we will fall all the time.

    After chatting to many of my brothers around the country, I can tell you that we all feel that the pulse of the Church seems to be we (Priests and Laity) are ALL highly scandalized, demoralized, and highly suspect of the human component of our Church’s leadership. I believe that our GOA Church is coming to a grinding halt! We are not gaining enough people to cover the people that are leaving the Church. We are bleeding. Ignoring the problems is equal to putting salt on our wounds.

    I feel hypocritical writing this because I am not using my name. However I fear for my well-being and that of my family. I am an active Greek Orthodox Priest on the West Coast. I don’t want this jeopardizing my ministry. Please forgive my anonymity! Indeed, the Church IS a battleground! We must rally to the call! Write! Stand up! I applaud this site. I would strongly suggest that people write to their Metropolitan and the Archbishop! God bless you all and Merry Christmas!

    • Tomk

      Thank you Father! How hypocritical some of our Hierarchs are with their lifestyles! Yes, I live in the Chicago Metropolis! Leadership should be by example, and when some of them have serious lifestyle issues, it is demoralizing to the Laity and other Clergymen also. The scandals that are allowed to perpetuate ad-nauseum are like an open wound where healthy blood is gushing out, while all manners of vile bacteria infect the body. This is the state of our Church. This would not be tolerated in many other Churches or organizations to the extent it is tolerated in the Greek Orthodox Church People have lost respect for the Hierarchy in the Greek Orthodox Church. So they leave. It hurts me that this is happening. But how can I blame them?

    • Dimitri

      Father, thank you for your post. Where is the Metropolitan of Atlanta’s Monastery Review Committee report? For that matter, does anyone care that the Metropolis of Atlanta created their own Monastery Review Committee? After all, the Archdiocese (the real Archdiocese, not the prideful misnomer of a Metropolis being called an “Archdiocese”). I’m a member of a Parish Council and I was told several years ago that the Atlanta Metropolis has its own Monastery Review Committee. Who is on this committee? What has this committee done? What is Metropolitan doing? Is this bait and switch? Is this just a ploy to sweep things under the rug? Where is the allegiance of Metropolitan Alexios? Yes of course the Lord is first. But then? The Laity that Metropolitan Alexios is responsible for, or is his loyalty to the monks and the nuns?

      I feel that Archbishop Demetrios is humble and very passive about his role, so much so that he doesn’t realize that his holy Metropolitans appear to be cutting his throat.

    • Michael T

      Thank you Father also! This site confirms what I have been seeing (in Florida anyway) for a long time.

      Why is the GOA handing its legacy in America to the Antiochians (and to a lesser extent, the OCA)? I believe our Hierarchs have a lack of understanding (or perhaps a simple LACK OF RESPECT) for the Laity. Perhaps they believe they alone are the “embodiment” of all this is Orthodox and good? They might “embody” a lot of things, but by and large they do not embody the proper skill set to connect with their Laity and foster future generations of vibrant, high quality leaders. Their lack of dealing with issues is driving people AWAY FROM THE CHURCH! If we are lucky, the people that leave the GOA will go to the Antiochians (or OCA) and not other denominations or faiths.

  5. Toula S

    There is a systemic problem at the Seminary.

    Case in point the Fr. Adam Metropoulos problem. It was reported that Fr. Metropoulos originally entered Seminary in the Fall of 1980 and was thrown out in the Spring of 1981 after numerous complaints. Subsequently he was reported in 1983 to have been arrested in Michigan for improper conduct with a minor. He moved to the Boston Metropolis area, finished his education in another college, and returned to Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology after a number of years. He received his M. Div. and was ordained. Unfortunately, at the time, criminal background checks for candidates for the priesthood were only statewide. Being that he was living the New England at the time, it did not reflect the charges filed in Michigan. Now as a priest, he has national recognition for inappropriate behavior with minors. Just google it. Shame on him. But shame on US too!

    What does this say about the systemic culture within the Seminary? Or does it speak of the level of competency within the Seminary’s Administration? Why have not our numbers at the Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology grown over the past decades? Normal, healthy and wholesome young men appear to be a rare commodity at the Seminary. However men and women filled with a spirit of fundamentalism are in abundance there. Ephraimite dregs that do more to chase people away than to build one another and our Church.

  6. Tomk

    I saw that new MTV show “Growing up Greek”. I have relatives in the Tarpon Springs area and understand that until recently there was a serious Ephraimite problem at their Parish. Watching those young people behave, I can tell you that we are one generation away from the Trailer Park! Those young people are the victims of the problem of the Church becoming so fundamentalist that we repel our younger generations away from our Church. These people that support our “race” to go back to the middle ages do so at a cost to all of us. Their actions are turning our young away from our Faith. Who do I personally hold responsible??…….”Metropolitan Alexios”! Let me tell you why. He is the leader of the Church in that area of the world. Actions depicted on that show speak louder than the hollow words of our Hierarchs. When will they deal with the most destructive movement within the Church? Perhaps they have told him that they will take him under their wing at death and “Pray over him every day”. He forgets we all will be judged by God, and turning the young away from God by keeping soldiers of the cult in place does nothing to get him into God’s kingdom!

  7. AZspirit

    Nameless from Arizona:

    Sorry about not using my name, but I am too well known and can be identified by the Ephraimites. You will all understand why as I explain. My family and I were very active in our Parish. We welcomed a new Priest and soon thereafter my family and I were “trying to rationalize what we did not know.” What we did not know was that our Priest was a spiritual son of an Elder. That he would begin to change our beloved Orthodox Theology. He would divide the Parish as if the laity came in two distinct categories: those that are worth communicating with, that are the chosen ones. The second category was those who questioned the new and improved theology. These were the outcasts. These were the unclean, spiritually devoid, less than human members of our Church, as seen by the Priest.

    So thanks to my wondering down the internet highway, searching the name of their “honored leader” with the word CULT in the search I came across numerous websites. This one affords me the opportunity to express my real feelings. The one out of Chicago is great, but it does not allow me to tell my story or express my pain. I found myself trying to rationalize what I did not know, before I found these websites. If I could pull my family out of a Greek Orthodox Church based on exposure to these crazy people, I am convinced they will eventually close the doors and have to sell many Parishes. We do not need to build Museums to our Culture or Heritage like the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago. Why you ask, it is because all of our Parishes will be there in a generation or two. We will have 550 Museums one day. Perhaps the Monasteries that have caused this will cease that opportunity too.

    I read an editorial in the National Herald about the Greek Orthodox Church recently. The author used the term “courtiers” to describe those who have placed their nose so close to a Priest or Hierarchs private area and spend all their time flattering them. I am not anti-Orthodox. I am anti-idiot. We are headed down a path of no return. Who will stand up and take the blame for emptying our Parishes? I am here in Arizona and now, after reading these website realize I am just in the vanguard of those leaving the faith of my Fore Fathers. And why? Ultimately it is because our Hierarchy is perhaps the equivalent of the Chicago Cubs! I can believe that the Patriarch is just watching this disaster. He has created nine dysfunctional jurisdictions. All of this because he was worried about one.

    So to all of you that remain……..GOOD BYE…..my family and I will find our faith and hopefully salvation in a place without the darkness of Monastic idiots that lead the courtiers that follow their lead like lap dogs!

  8. Tomk

    I have a recent letter from The National Herald that I would like to share and then elaborate on:

    Church Scandals Shameful But Might Be Criminal Too

    To the Editor:
    Theodore Kalmoukos’ article “Isaiah Covers up Priests’ Suspicious Dealings” (TNH, Aug. 24) brought to light disturbing issues at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, by far the most incompetent and worst-run organization in America.

    If, in fact, the allegations of check writing by the two priests at Salt Lake are true, there should be some serious disciplinary action taken and perhaps Metropolitan Isaiah should resign.

    But it seems to be quite peculiar how quickly the Archdiocese is throwing Isaiah under the bus without waiting for all this to play out by suggesting he resign now. In the meantime, the Archdiocese has covered up much worse as documented by your series of articles in regard to St. Demetrios Jamaica.

    If we are to use Salt Lake City as a guide, Archbishop Demetrios should have resigned years ago and Bishop Andonios should have been removed from the bishopric. While roughly $20,000 in misused funds is being investigated in Utah, which has caused concern even in Constantinople, the Jamaica situation has been totally ignored. There is no doubt in my mind law enforcement need to get involved.

    Thomas Bletsos, Brooklyn, NY

    Why did I post this here? Because of the first paragraph that has a powerful statement: “….the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, by far the most incompetent and worst run organizations in America.” It may very well be that Mr. Bletsos is correct. This goes well beyond the Salt Lake City debacle.

    It does not seem to be any different in the Atlanta Metropolis. The reason I feel this way is (aside form what I have read) because I have a cousin in Georgia. He and his family have lived there for years. According to my cousins, the fundamentalist Monasteries are affecting their parish, as well as other parishes throughout Alabama and Florida, as well as Georgia. My cousin is a learned man and quite objective. If this fundamentalist activity is true, as I believe it to be, then what in the world is Metropolitan Alexios doing about it? I am getting the impression that Metropolitan Alexios is more concerned about the Monasteries that the Parishes. Does he not understand what sick Monasticism is? Does he not understand what heresy is?

    Is the next thing we should expect to hear from Metropolitan Alexios is that “Aerial Toll Houses are a reality” ?


  9. Emmanuel "Manoli" Crete

    I have been slowly watching my Metropolitan’s actions bring our community to its knees. Now I believe that the reason we are on our knees is that being on ones knees makes it easier for the executioner to cut off one’s head! It was not that long ago that our beloved unified Parishes in Salt Lake City had about 1100 families. Now from sources inside the Parish the year end number will be some where around 400-425. By next year end, given the actions of our Hierarchy we maybe at 250 families. We are a Faith and in turn a Church in complete and total distress. Our Priests seem to think the benevolent funds are for uses other than the donor’s intent and instead of suspending them; the esteemed Metropolitan of Denver ecclesiastically suspends us from liturgy and sacraments!

    I am writing to your site because I was at first skeptical about the Ephraimite issue. In my disgust with the situation here I decided to go to another Orthodox Jurisdiction Parish. By chance the one I walked into had an Ephraimite clergyman. Now I get it. Now I see what all the fuss is about. Personally the failed supervision of our Parish by the “Protectors of the Faith” has caused my wife and I to seek out and examine other Faiths. Listening to the Ephraimite Clergyman was the straw that broke us. If the leadership of the Church can not deal with a Hierarch that is so completely off, how can they expect us to attend a Parish?

    My great grandfather came here to work in the mines. Those mines were full of darkness and hopelessness; those are my feelings about the Greek Orthodox Church today. I know that my great grandfather would not be happy with our exiting the Greek Orthodoxy religion, but I can not stomach the bullying and stupid thinking of leaders any longer. I refuse to raise my family in an Faith that is now devoid of logic and reason. How can the Metropolitan expect the Parish council to pay salaries without money? If someone else has an opinion please let me know.

  10. Dimitri

    Being a Hierarch – It’s Just a Job?

    When are we going to realize that some of our Hierarchs seem to think that their role is just a job? Protecting their position or advancing their ego-driven agenda is on the top of the list of things to do (for example in lieu of things like being a reasonable “Pastor” who is not afraid to engage in meaningful and objective conversation). When someone threatens this, God help them! Those who challenge that may be subject to being humiliated in public, as was the case here in Atlanta at our recent Metropolis Clergy-Laity meeting.

    If we as respected laypeople don’t stand up for each other (in a dignified manner), who will be there to stand up for us? Who would want to stay active in an institution where someone who spends many years in valuable service gets slammed by the Hierarch in public? Where are we being led? Are we being led?As laypeople in our Church,respecting our leaders should not come at the expense of our self-respect.

    I am very frustrated and disappointed. Am I expecting too much?

    • Maria S


      I have seen this tactic used as well by others. It is used whenever they do not have anything intelligent to say. It is a bullying tactic. It also frightens those who have legitimate and reasonable questions, to the point that they don’t want to be singled out and have the same duress placed on them.

      If our leaders do not inspire, membership may simply fade away. My family and I attend Church less than we did 10 years ago. It is not that I personally feel less religious, only that I have witnessed our leadership in action, more accurately inaction.

      What you said about people standing by while someone is berated by one of the Hierarchy is now the norm in our Church and I hate to say in my Parish. When did we become a Faith that elevates only those we act like sheep? To be honest we, the Laity carry some of the blame. We have “sat on our hands” as well allowing a bad situation to get worse.

      Dimitri do you know what I would love to hear? I would love to hear one of our Hierarchs acknowledge responsibility for people losing Faith in our Church. Your right, my chances of winning the lottery are better!

  11. ksipnagoa

    Thank you Fr. Misc. and thank you Charles! The sad thing is that some priests know what is going on (right before their eyes) and choose to do nothing for fear of repercussions from the Metropolitan. I understand that priests do have to put food on the table, but how can a priest consistently (week after week) do nothing/say nothing about this Ephraimite movement and ask us to speak the truth and stand up for what is right and against what is wrong. The Archons are called the “Protectors of the Church”, are they aware of what is going on? It seems that our church does nothing but stroke the egos of the hierarchs. Rome is burning and Nero is playing the fiddle.

    Our own community here has more people that have left and are now attending the local First United Methodist Church. We ask why, but do nothing about it. In fact, in our parish all we do is bash other faiths from the pulpit. Our sermons are not uplifting. They’re all about the “evil one” and gossip and how “bad” we are. No wonder people are leaving. We’re driving them out! Is this the goal of the church? It is like we are a cult trying to reduce our parishioners to a few for the purpose of becoming a more “obedient church”. Blind obedience is for The Lord, not our hierarch, nor for some controversial elder that has former monks killing themselves at the gates of the monastery! What is going on?

    I will stop here for I am rambling due to the fact that I am so upset that our church has a VERY SERIOUS problem and we are ignoring it like the plague.

  12. Fr. Misc, I don’t know what to say but to thank you for your courage to speak up out. I’m sure you’re not alone in your feelings — the problem is few priests speak out even anonymously. I think the biggest problem we have at the moment is that the Ephraimite/Fundamentalist problem in our Church gets brushed off as a non issue. Yet the numbers of posts that have popped up on this website in the last month illustrates that the problem is VERY real and more widespread than even I had imagined. The more we talk about this the more we shed light in the darkness. Just writing a small letter — especially a priest — is an enormous help in what some of us are trying to do. Thank you Father for doing this. Hopefully more will follow suit.

  13. Fr.Misc.

    I am a priest of almost 30 years in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. I consider myself quite blessed to have this vocation that I can call my own.

    I do not feel comfortable sharing my name with the public on these matters. I am afraid of what my Metropolitan, and some others, might feel about me doing this. I think however, it is better that I say something – even if anonymously – rather than not say anything at all.

    I am questioning if this is the church I signed up for? My ministry at a large church where I serve as the proistamenos, is continually being micromanaged by the Metropolitan. He has his people in my parish that are not particularly fond of me, but he has established a friendly relationship with them to the point that they exchange phone calls together. All that is fine. In and of itself, this does not bother me. While a priest is called to be obedient to his bishop, the priest is not a doormat.

    In particular I am not at all comfortable with my Metropolitan’s affinity toward Elder Ephraim. I am not a monk, nor are my people. I do not feel we need to be “forced” to live as monks, and to be held to the same standards as monks. Ephraim’s mode of monasticism is, in my opinion, alienating and not joyful and healthy, as I have experienced in other monasteries in Greece.

    I am not comfortable with how “offikia” are awarded to priests either. This may not be the forum for that. It is just disheartening to me to see a priest awarded a higher rank at the whim of the Metropolitan, and not based on merit. I am shaking my head at myself, wondering if I am being disobedient. I am not. Nor am I disgruntled because one priest received a rank he may not deserve because he is too immature. I have the highest rank attainable by a married priest; so it is not that I am jealous. That other priest’s elevation was still a lower rank than me. So what is the common denominator?

    The common denominator is a callous micromanagement that assumes that all communities are the same. This is not the case. Some speak more Greek than others. Demographics of all kinds change. People have different personalities, and communities have different personalities too! It is up to me as the Shepard of the particular flock entrusted to my care, to lead them to Christ as best as my pastoral abilities can. But when my input, as a senior priest of a large community, is diminished, then I start to realize how very much things have changed. I love my Orthodox Christian Church. But administratively, this is far different from yesterday.


    Editor’s Note:

    We have taken the time to verify the veracity of this email and it’s author. Generally we do not like the idea of publishing something like this anonymously; here we have made an exception. In interviewing the author it has become clear that his feelings are utter disappointment with leadership within the Church. In the phone interview he was extremely disturbed by a story run on the GOTRUTHREFORM.ORG website. He comes from a neighboring Metropolis and is informed as to the facts presented in the article linked here: http://gotruthreform.org/gay-parishioner-denied-communion

    He asked us “where is the leadership?”, to this we have no answer, except there is no proactive leadership or guidance on these matters. The Church that he and other good Clergymen signed up for is become a foot note in the history of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese (GOA). As Greece is descending into a period of despair, so is the GOA. It seems that, all of this occurring while the leaders, both Clergy and Laity are disengaged from leading, sidetracked by minutia, and suffer from a lack of vision. It appears the GOA has decided to elevate those that comply to this agenda of “neutrality” on all issues. There are just some issues that we cannot be neutral on! It is almost as if enforcement, decision making and supervision of major issues is a thing of the past in the GOA. The Ephraimite issue is evidence and a symptom of the lack of involved leadership at all levels of the Church. More to the point, it seems that we now have almost every ministry of the GOA infected with an Ephraimite in a key role. This issue will continue to come at the Hierarchy of the GOA. It will come at them in waves and with each new wave fewer and fewer faith abiding Greek Orthodox Christians will remain in our Parishes. They have improperly analysised the weakening of the Church. We started this website because we believe someone must fight the heresy of the Ephraimites, are you doing enough? Another important topic is Clergy burnout, which is a bona fide reality. What is happening now is not helping any.

  14. ksipnagoa

    Romanos and ConstantineL414: I agree with you 100%!!!

  15. ConstantineL414

    In response to Romanos, you are asking the question everyone but our Hierarchs are asking. “Where is the money coming from?”. I live in Wisconsin and have visited the Kenosha monastery. It was a bit of a drive, but when I arrived, my jaw dropped open when I say the opulence. It looks like 30 acres, 8 foot high stone gates encircling the several chapels, cemetery, professional/industrial kitchen facilities, and an inner compound where the nuns live that also has a high stone gate all around it, and a 3 story watchtower where the abbess live. The main church is like a cathedral. The marble floors and expensive accoutrements are certainly not cheap. Big money! I have watched the news clip from the Arizona television station and both episodes of Pandora’s Box. There is only one conclusion here that can be reached; the vast majority of the money is not coming from the “believers” as all Ephraimites would have you believe. The laity has had it with them (our Hierarchy and the Ephraimites). Why does our local Metropolis Council come into our Parishes like “Bulls in a China Shop” demanding audited financial statements and our Monasteries get a free pass?

    I for one have lost faith in our hierarchy. Everyone says “yes it is a major problem”, and a breath later they blame someone else. Has anyone stopped to calculate the number of donors giving to these “Monasteries” to build this network in two decades? I have and the numbers do not add up. Worse yet I really wonder has Elder Ephraim of Vatopedi used the funds allegedly secured in illegal land deals to buy influence here in the United States? I would guess yes.

    I will no longer donate money to any cause with the words “Greek” or “Hellenic” in their title. Really……….. It took a Prime Minister who was not elected in Greece to find the courage to take Elder Ephraim of Vatopedi into custody. Then the Russian machine started to dictate their own agenda onto Greece. I strongly feel that a power vacuum has developed in the United States and those who used the sympathetic plight of the Patriarch to change the charter should fess up to the damage they have unleashed on the Faithful. Who is minding the store?

    Editors Note: PLEASE only post your comments once. We want you to know, dont lose faith Dean! (Is it Dean, Kosta, Gus, or Constantine?) If we do nothing, nothing will get done. Please channel your energy into a proactive positive force by spreading the word that there are laymen and silent priests and some hierarchs in the background that are not fond of this phenomenon. Our clergy are afraid to speak out for fear of retribution. We must start writing to the Archbishop in New York, and copy them to the Patriarch as well. We cannot sit silent. But at the same time, we have to protect our children from seeing this side of human beings that unfortunately the Church is not immune from. Stay proactive. Stay involved. You sound knowledgeable, dont give up. Remember to pray about this as well.

  16. Romanos

    Where is the money coming from? Where is the money coming from? Where is the money coming from?

    Eighteen to twenty monasteries. The one in Arizona (like others) has an estimated cost (back then) of 17 million dollars, minimum. Other Ephraim Monasteries have similar price tags (as far as costs). I am not even including the Monasteries that Ephraim “owns” in Greece, and possibly other areas.

    Our local parishes are struggling and are further taxed by the Monastery minions that raise money for the monastery from the local parish members. Our Archdiocese is struggling too. But the Ephraim monasteries are thriving in opulence.

    Where is the money coming from??? Where is the money coming from??? Where is the money coming from???

    To have a Greek Orthodox Priest state on a news telecast that it cost “a few thousand dollars” makes a very strong statement that this operation is clearly NOT above board, that it has something to hide, and is NOT providing any semblance of financial accountability to the Archdiocese. Churches do that. Metropolises do that. But Ephraim’s Monasteries have no financial transparency. Fr. Anthony Moschonas made this absurd statement in the second video from KVOA, Tucson, Arizona. His statements also seem to disparage the majority of Greek Orthodox Priests that are ethical and forthright people.

    Why hasnt any Metropolitan insisted and demanded that there be financial disclosures made to the Metropolis and the Archdiocese (the way Churches and Metropolises do!)?

    Where is the money coming from? This leads to a follow up question:

    Where else is the money going?

  17. ksipnagoa

    Our local parish, which consistently (over the last few years) has stated that there is no money for vacation bible study, has now organized and is advertising for annual trips (sponsored by the catechism department) to the monasteries. Even fundraising (via money boxes, candles for church services, lambathes for Pascha…) is focused on the monastery and not the local parish. When will the heirarchy wake up and take a stand? Sadly, I’m afraid, they will only wake up when these parishes can not pay their fair share to the metropolis/archdiocese. There is a committee for this investigation, but what is happening? We hear no comments from priests, heirarchy, etc. Sadly, I’m afraid, this is the beginning of a great schism and the downward spiral of our archdiocese. When will we wake up?

  18. HelenT67

    I want to commend your site and your Editors on a great site that serves a great function. I have friends and family that have been affected by the Ephraimite movement, or should I say “cult”. My family members attend a Parish in a Metropolis that has many Priests that are adherents of Ephraimite Theology. I slowly saw my Aunt turn on anyone that did not agree with what that nun told her. She was manipulated by her, to the point that she turn on us, all of us. Anyone that questioned the nun was blacklisted by my Aunt. This included Greek Orthodox Priests that we asked to speak to her.

    Nothing could penetrate the wall of lies and heresies. I personally do not understand why more people do not see or understand how this problem is affecting the people of our Faith. Literally I do not see anyone in any position of authority doing anything. I heard that there was a “Task Force” appointed by the Archbishop, what are they doing? Is there going to be more swept under the rug?

    Do our Hierarchs think we are all blind to their inactions? At least my Metropolitan here in Detroit seems to act here to contain the issue.

    Unfortunately the same can not be said for neighboring Metropolises. Due to our prior Hierarch’s actions, some of our best people have left the Greek Orthodox Parishes and now go to local Romanian Orthodox Parishes. They did not leave over the Ephraimite issue, but the Ephraimite issue is worse.

    I guess when the Parishes in Chicago and other places empty and stop paying their assessment we will see some action. It will be too little too late. Well that’s all I have to say for now, thanks again for your efforts. May God protect you all, you are all on the right side of this!

    Christos Anesti!

    Editors’ Note: Alithos Anesti! Thank you Helen for your encouraging words.

  19. ksipnagoa

    I agree with Cindy above 100%! I live in the Metropolis of Atlanta. The situation here is serious and is getting worse. We have been complaining to our Metropolitan and his Chancellor as well. Unfortunately, to no avail! When is the heirarchy going to do something to help us. There have been priests who have talked about and have written about this for many years. This isn’t any different than what happened in the Catholic church. These militant monastics are brainwashing the minds of our young people. They are turning them into robots and taking away free will from them. There will be a schism in our church. It is inevitable! Hopefully, these people go to other Orthodox jurisdictions and not other faiths. Shame on our church for sitting back and forcing the laity to do their work. They have take advantage of the people on so many fronts!

  20. Cindy

    I live in Wadsworth, IL. I have stopped attending any Greek Orthodox Church because of the cult-like teachings of those who follow Ephraim. People like me are leaving. Even though people have complained, no one is doing anything. Why do people like yourselves (and GoTruthReform.org) have to go through the trouble to put up websites to express your concerns? I know there are many of us in Illinois that have complained to our Metropolitan and his Chancellor. I have family in Florida that also speaking to me about the same things. Why are our bishops not doing anything about this? They are supposed to be leaders. Why aren’t they leading and protecting us? Please forgive me for being so vocal, I am just so hurt. But I don’t know what to be hurt more with, the crazy teachings of Ephraim, or the fact that no bishop seems to care?