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“Ephraim Adopts PR” by Mr. A.P. Cromidas

The respected and prolific author, Mr. A.P. Cromidas, has written yet another insightful perspective on the recent Russian financed video which extolls Elder Ephraim and undermines the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Click to read.

Yet Another Site Emerges with Petition and Polls

Greek Orthodox Christian Clergy Laity – A new site that includes polls and a verified email signature of petitions signed by known concerned Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Members.  This petition has caught the eye of the Patriarch! Please visit, vote, and sign.

NEW Website Insightful Article

A NEW Website in Illinois, The Orthodox Reformer, has emerged amidst the deafening silence of our leadership in America.

Please view their sight, in particular, their new insightful article Liberal Folly and Conservative Heresy“.  Click to read.



Three Reports Conclude to Orthodoxy’s Sad Decline in America

The recent Pew Report has started a buzz throughout America regarding the sad state of affairs of our Church in America.  Some have tried to discredit this report from the respected organization.  What these myopic naysayers fail to realize is that this is not the first report that has these findings that we are in a crisis.  There are others too.  Here is a review of the 3:

1.  The June 5th Edition (2015) of The National Herald has an editorial by A.H. Diamantaris entitled Orthodoxy’s Sad Decline in America.” This commentary offers reflection based on the Pew Report.  Yet some doubt this Report’s validity. The Pew Report itself can be found here.

2.  For these sycophants and naysayers supporting the status quo, please remember that our own Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA) published an even more daunting article by Mr. Peter Kehayes (11/21/2012) entitled “An Important Challenge to Greek Orthodox Christianity“. To see an easier to view report of this in a PDF format that resides on our server, please click here.

3.  As if this weren’t enough, the Patriarch Athenagoras Institute report “The Orthodox Church Today” (click to see synopsis) by Alexei D. Krindatch of the Patriarch Athenagoras Institute (September 2007 through May 2008), Has similar findings of our Church in crisis. To see the full report click here.

Do you see pattern here?  Report after report from various sources are saying the same thing:  we are in a crisis.

Our Hierarchs merely ignore.

It seems to us that when you ignore a challenge it becomes a crisis.  The men that occupy the lofty positions of the Holy Synod of the GOA are of course pro-actively engaged in addressing these challenges.    Sure.


Click any of the 5 links underlined above to read these respective articles and reports.


Hierarchs Must Now Act As Hierarchs

Click here to read an English language translation of an article that appears in the Greek language version of The National Herald («Εθνικός Κήρυξ»). The article discloses the plan of action mandated by our Ecumenical Patriarch. Our Patriarch is requesting that the two Metropolitans of the Metropolises of Chicago and Denver submit their resignations. The article also describes that the Patriarch has directed the Archbishop to affect a change in status to the auxiliary Bishop of Mokissos, currently on assignment in Chicago. We encourage all of our readers to carefully read this article and access the original Greek version online.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and it’s Metropolises have been suffering from an exodus of adherents for many years. No better example of this mass exodus can be found than the two Metropolises, the Metropolitans of which are the subject matter of this article. Both Metropolitans have been reported on numerous occasions to inject their vindictiveness on mostly innocent Parishes. They have seemed to have exhibited incompetence and arrogance in the supervision of their flocks. This article accurately explains some of the reasons why a mandate for change is called for, and with the apparent intervention of a higher authority, the ultimate outcome may be a highly desirable result.

See the original Greek language version at this link: http://www.ekirikas.com/category/community/church/


NEW Website in Chicago Appeals for Help!

Orthodox Revolutionaries & Fundamentalists

New article by Fr. John Winfrey. 

When reading the current affairs of the Church it is terribly easy to become discouraged and disillusioned. This can be caused equally by those who are revolutionaries trying to change the  Faith and morals of the Church as well as by those who insist on saving the Church from its modern life by trying to establish their understanding of the “pure” Church of whatever age upon us now. Additionally, one can be lead to despair by the Church’s entrenched attachment to dysfunctional bureaucratic method even when it’s simply not practical or even appropriate to a new people, whose home is a new place with a different culture, living in a radically different time. “Byzantinism” cannot remain if we truly wish for Orthodoxy to grow in this new place and amongst these people who have no cultural ties to the Byzantine mind.

Click to read full article.

Another Greek Orthodox Priest Speaks Up!

On the heels of Fr. Angelo Artemas speaking up against the actions of Bishop Demetri (Kantzavelos), another Greek Orthodox Priest writes a letter that was published on the OCL (Orthodox Christian Laity) website.

What is particularly interesting are the comments from the respected Mr. George Karcazes at the end of the letter.

The letter shows the anguish of a veteran and seasoned priest who confesses his dismay at the poor leadership of the Hierarchs of the GOA, and also calls attention to a “cancer within our Church” – the Ephraimite movement.

Please click anywhere in the text to be linked to the OCL site to read Fr. Nicholas’ letter.


Dokos Case Illustrates Hierarchy’s Lack of Leadership

There have been so very many documented situations on a wide spectrum of improprieties that have all been met with a similar response from the GOA Hierarchy – they all seem to have been ignored and not dealt with.

The National Herald’s Editor publishes a scathing critique illustrating just this.

Click here to read.

The Soft Underbelly

This is a great article by Fr. John Guy Winfrey that speaks of our “Achilles heel” as an Orthodox Church.  Here is a quote:

Like so many weaknesses, our comes from a strength: our spiritual and ascetically theology and practice. Because Orthodox are so accustomed to the notions of mystery and spiritual elders, we have been often led astray by what seems to be highly spiritualized and wonderful.

I have seen a great many examples of this in the last 20 years. People become deeply spiritually damaged in the process and in the disillusionment—which always occurs—they can be so deeply scared that they leave all forms of organized Christian religion.

Click to read article.