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Misc. Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism is dangerous.

There are a number of other questionable beliefs and presuppositions that the Orthodox Fundamentalists tout in order to promote their agenda. The controversial Fr. Seraphim Rose and the Creation/Fundamentalism question come to mind. There are other issues, but these two are highlighted below. These reflections are from the prolific thinker and writer Dr. Jonathan Hayward. Dr. Hayward is well respected in all the various disciplines he has mastered. We invite all to peruse his writings on these and other matters.

Uneasy About Seraphim Rose:

What Makes Me Uneasy About Seraphim Rose.

Click above or use this link: http://jonathanscorner.com/seraphim/

Creation and Holy Orthodoxy

Creation and Holy Orthodoxy: Fundamentalism Is Not Enough.

Click above or use this link: http://jonathanscorner.com/creation/


2 thoughts on “Misc. Fundamentalism

  1. Romanos

    Lie to me: “everything is okay”.


    Elder Paisios fundamentally condones lies when they are used to save someone.

    The article above is published on the “Orthodox Way of Life” blogspot website. On the one hand, we all have said a white lie at one point in our lives, But on the other hand, this is a scary counsel that opens itself up to being capriciously abused at an “individual’s” whim (be they clergy or laity).

    It corroborates what the article on Holy Deception speaks about (published on GOTruthReform.org). http://gotruthreform.org/holy-deception

  2. Admin

    Pharisaical Fundamentalism.

    New Article

    by a respected senior priest: “The Grace Which Heals That Which Is Infirm”.

    Excellent and documented piece on how fundamentalism can blaspheme the Holy Spirit by ignoring its graceful operation. Well written. Logically presented. Recently published on GoTruthReform.org and available for you to read by clicking here.