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Russian Video Extolls Ephraim – Undermines GOA

Recently a new video (April 2015) was curiously financed and produced by a Russian production company that in our opinion seems focused on undermining the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA) and extols Elder Ephraim. It is subtitled in English.

  • A follower of Ephraim categorically states that the Greek Orthodox Church in America has “fallen into decline and has drawn closer to Protestantism or Catholicism”.
  • Video refers to Elder Ephraim as a Saint and the “Apostle to America”.
  • Video also boasts that Saint Anthony’s is the second Mount Athos.
  • Video shows and mentions scores of families regularly attending services there in lieu of going to a local parish. Monastery functioning as a local parish.

What and who would benefit from this?  At whose expense?  Why would a Russian organization fund and produce this professionally made video featuring Elder Ephraim and the onion-domed buildings at the elaborate Saint Anthony’s Monastery?

 Video is located at: