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Caliber of an Ephraim Supporter

This video was placed on YouTube by a user who publicly identifies himself as Pilgrim1411. It illustrates an ultra conspiracy theorist, and also disparages Scott Nevins by stating he had a history of mental illness and was getting treatment.  Sounds like libel. No sources given. If it is true, and the monastery knew about it, one can reasonably ask if they had licensed mental health counselors on staff to deal with this. One can also reasonably ask if the monastery disparages the field of mental health itself. Please read the comments afterward that were placed on YouTube.  We are copying them here just in case they are subsequently removed.  While suggesting an outlandish scenario that led to Scott Nevins death, Pilgrim1411 also states in the comments that he does not believe man landed on the moon, and that the Holocaust “probably” happened.   This corroborates the accounts given to us by former monks of the messages given by the monasteries of Ephraim. Pilgrim1411 does offer the disclaimer that these are his personal opinions. But it is still quite curious that a production of this sort was even made, let alone posted on YouTube, that diminishes Scott Nevins and attempts to exonerate Ephraim and his monastery. Our prayers are with the Nevins Family. As if they do not have enough to deal with.  To see a pdf file which has the list of comments, click here. (We did this to memorialize the content from being erased)

6 thoughts on “Caliber of an Ephraim Supporter

  1. What sort of SICK video is this? Scott Nevins’ death was a failed conspiracy by our government to — what, take away gun rights? Is he serious? The fact that we have Orthodox Christians — ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS — talking about the New World Order, government conspiracies and the evils of modernism, in a fashion that would make Jack Van Impe proud, is a sign that our beloved Church not only has a problem, but is — I am sorry to say — very, very ill at the moment.

    We, as a Church, need to do something, and do it fast. The best to to combat this stuff is to challenge it, openly and in public. 10 years ago Orthodoxy had a dream to be this vibrant, thriving, Church here in America — if this nonsense continues, in ten years we’ll be so marginalized and irrelevant that it will take us generations to recover. Thank you for posting this video — it is, very disturbing, but necessary to know. Education is the key to overcoming this.

    • Sally

      Charles thanks for your comments concerning the Ephraimites on this blog. I pick up a copy of your book and read it. Thanks for taking a serious and dry subject and making it interesting. It caused me to spend some time thinking about my own Faith. I have reached a conclusion about the religion of my birth. My conclusion is, in addition to the cannons, many of which are “crazy” for lack of a better word, we now have a “rudderless” religion. I know that the average Ephraimite would cringe at my use of the word “rudderless”. I for one miss the days of Archbishop Iakovos of blessed memory. Our Faith has become an amalgam of good theology and Ephraimite spun deception.

      I am very certain and have concluded that our rich Faith would never been dragged to this fundamentalist extremes under Archbishop Iakovos’ leadership! I thought that our current Archbishop is a noted theologian, guess not!

      The reality is that the current crop of Hierarchs is willfully devoid of leadership. One person I speak to from another Metropolis says it best “the jewel of our Faith, the legacy left in the care of these men is being squandered”. I am surprise that with what you have seen you came into the Greek Orthodox Faith. While I love our shared Faith, I loath the condition of our Church. The Muslims have their “Taliban” we Orthodox have our Ephraimites. Ultimately those supporting this movement are really devastating the future of the Church and even the nature of our ethnic Greek communities across the country.

      My husband and I really now question donating any money to anything related to the Greek community for fear of the group being overrun by the Ephraimite agenda. 20 years from now when I hopefully attain the title of grandmother, I seriously doubt that we will have active AHEPA chapters and other social organizations because of this fundamentalism.

      Charles I am I being overly negative about the future? I am interested in your perspective as someone who has come into the Faith and I am guessing into the Greek ethnic community as well.

  2. Sally

    Mr. Romanos thanks for your post on the “Caliber of an Ephraim Supporter”. I just read the PDF file and went to the YouTube source to confirm the content. In a nutshell, the views expressed by the author of the video on Scott Nevins are supported by my exposure to the Ephraimites in my own Parish. They will believe anything an Elder or a supporter of their theology states and little else. Personally, I also feel our Church is in a state of crisis and the Hierarchy has failed to address the cult. I am thankful for the efforts of the editors of WEAREORTHODOX and others that are working to expose this mess.

    What I do not understand is how opposed my Metropolitan was to this heretical movement 10 years ago and how they have seemed to neutralized his judgment on all issues connected with them? He now seems to be one of their fans! Perhaps when the Parishes have trouble generating assessments a light bulb will go off and then someone will have the will to cut this cancer out of the Church. These adherents act like we were all unchurched and Protestants before their leader came upon our shores. I pray that one day the Laity will rise up and demand that their Hierarchs begin acting like Bishops and take control. It has really become “Pray, Pay and Obey” in the GOA!

    • Sally, the funny thing is that it is THEY who are acting like the Protestants. Talk of conspiracy theories, new world orders, plots to undermine the faith by modernism, and all the rest can be seen every week on Jack Van Impe presents. I am a free speech guy. I write lots of controversial things and I allow people to write controversial things back at me. But I am also going to use my freedom of speech to call a spade a spade, and say that people like this fellow are getting their theology from non-Orthodox sources such as Van Impe presents and the other dooms day “prophets” to be found on Sunday morning TV.

  3. Romanos

    Please read this OpEd piece by Lou Atsaves. Hard hitting, logical insights. Click here.

    You can be assured that many followers of Ephraim are a lot more sophisticated than Pilgrim1411. Still, he does admit to some important points that are commonly held amongst many Ephraimites. They do feel that “modernists” are undermining/changing the Orthodox Christian Church and also attacking them.