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Aerial Toll Houses

Aerial Toll Houses

The aerial toll house idea suggests that after death, the soul must pass through 20 +/- aerial toll houses where the individual is tested by demons.  If the person fails any test, the demons drag them to hell.  Whoever came up with this perhaps forgot to read about the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  As stated in Ephesians, by grace we are saved through faith.


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  1. Romanos

    A ROCOR Church Dismisses Aerial Toll Houses

    One of our readers (a priest from one of the Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States) recently advised us of this Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) Church that published an article on its website dismissing the notion of Aerial Toll Houses. The article references the Memorial Services and Fathers of the Church that all dismiss this heretical teaching. Please click the following link to see: http://www.archangelmichael.org.au/index.php/about-us/108-faqs/orthodox-faqs/106-what-is-the-significance-of-the-40-day-memorial-service-after-someones-death

  2. Basil312

    It is with great interest that I have been observing the followers of the Ephraimite Fundamentalists here in Chicago. Their form of “theology” based upon a belief in Aerial Tollhouse would be laughable if not for the fact that many young adults exposed to this by our local Ephraimite Clergy have now adopted this as the center of their religious beliefs. Interesting is the view by my fellow Ephraimite Parishioners that Catholics are really not Christians subject to salvation because of beliefs like “Purgatory” – while they have a similar non-universally accepted understanding of Judgment – at the hands of demons.

    Ultimately the Faith is being undermine by fundamentalist zealots who do not and can not put together the picture of what is occurring in our Faith, and why. They have adopted a Russian fundamentalist based view of a distorted Orthodoxy and do not see where this is leading the Faithful. Instead they blindly obey their Ephraimite Clergy and follow them mindlessly.

    Also unusual is the lack of leadership while the Parishes here become empty and good Orthodox Christians reach their personal limits in dealing with the proliferation of fundamentalist zealots growing in the Parishes.

    I am a frequent reader of a group on Facebook calledConcerned Orthodox Laity of American. I marvel at postings by some young Adults asking for information about Aerial Tollhouses. I ask myself “have our young people really been polluted to the point of thinking that this is more than just an insane perversion of the writings of our Church Fathers?” If Christians of other denominations understood how this perverted theory has taken hold, what would be their understanding of Orthodoxy? I see the Ephraimite radical fundamentalist issue as the cancer that will, and is, destroying the Orthodox Christian Churches in America.

  3. Admin

    Truth about the Toll Houses
    All Saints Monastery