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Please remember: if you will not be part of the solution, that inaction may be part of the problem that is being exploited. 

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  1. Admin

    The Ephraim Question.

    Here is a link to a site started in California for victims of abuse (abuse in the many different forms it can exist). The author of this article, the articulate and esteemed Mr. Paul Cromidas, wrote an excellent piece on “Blind Obedience” and the Ephraimite issue. The article is called The Ephraim Question . Amazingly, it dates back to October 2003! It is a valuable read, click on the following link to check it out: http://www.pokrov.org/resource.asp?ds=Article&id=128&sSrch=Paul%20Cromidas&sType=Articles

    The Ephraim Question.