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Hierarchical Avarice?

In the same day that we see the scathing letter to the editor of TNH regarding the catastrophe of the Greek Orthodox Church in America (Archdiocesan wide AND Metropolises wide), we then get a letter from Metropolitan Alexios asking for money for a new liturgy book that he sanctioned, because HE did not deem the one put forth and endorsed by the Seminary and the Archdiocese to be worthy.

Think about that for a moment.

Within the context of our church’s shameful nationwide administrative disarray, with the scent of financial catastrophe freshly tainting our senses, we have a Metropolitan who publishes a letter that in effect disrespects the Seminary and the Archdiocese, and is unchallenged by the Patriarch. Is this not the epitome of avarice?  Is this not evidence of Metropolitans disrespecting, if not exploiting, the Archbishop – the primate of the GOA?  By having our bishops made into Metropolitans, it appears that it has become an administrative free-for-all in the USA.


We have become a spectacle of foolishness and are doomed the bane existence of a religious ghetto (or as some have graciously called it: a boutique religion).  By mis-using the phrase “not of the world”, our executive leaders in America have illustrated their ineptness as they plunder us into irrelevant oblivion

Will the Patriarch care?

Personally, I am glad the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church is here.  Hopefully not all the work of our forefathers in America will be for naught.

I feel sorry for the few Metropolitans that are actually worthy.  To the 4 or 5 others I say “Shame on you”.

Mr. Steve Johnson

Amidst turmoil, Metropolitan pitches book that is supposed to be “better” than what the GOA put out as approved.