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Chicago’s Crossroads – So Goes the Country?

On June 5th, The National Herald published an article about the recent death of the ruling Hierarch of Chicago, Metropolitan Iakovos.  In a nutshell, this Metropolis is no stranger to controversy and scandal.  Some have stated there is more controversy and scandal in this Metropolis than in any other one in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.  The fact is that this Metropolis is at a crossroads.  One hopes that the path to cleansing, healing, and rebuilding will be chosen, as will be evident by “who” will be the next Metropolitan of Chicago.  More than a few people are hopeful that the path of further dismay and deterioration will NOT be chosen,  as will be evident by “who” will be the next Metropolitan of Chicago.  To the gratitude of many, Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit was appointed as “locum tenens” for the Chicago Metropolis, and not the controversial Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos (Demetrios Kantzavelos).  This may be because of proper protocol, or some other reason.  Many can think of other reasons.  Many also feel strongly that the way the Metropolis of Chicago is dealt with, will reflect what lays ahead for the entire Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.  God help us.

Please see TNH article by clicking here.



GOCCL calls all to participate and help resolve the Chicago Metropolis!    See http://goccl.org/click-here-to-find-out-how-you-can-improve-the-future-of-the-greek-orthodox-metropolis-of-chicago/