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On “Archmandritism” in the Church

Because of the numerous sick examples of unhealthy clergymen, The National Herald (TNH) published a Viewpoint that challenges the status quo in the Church to return to a more healthy practice of married bishops.  This was the original practice of the Orthodox Christian Church.

Here is a quote:

“Personally I respect and honor the true, authentic, and healthy monasticism because it is the joyful sadness of the Church. But when I see career celibates who live in the world lavishly, two things come to my mind (when I see celibates): they are saints, or they are sick. I don’t believe there is a middle ground.”

To read this article by Editor Theodore Kalmoukos (February 28, 2017)  please Click Here.


In order to be directed to the article as found on TNH, please click here.