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Monastic Contrasts in America

Monastic Contrasts in America

In one of the notoriously renowned fundamentalist monasteries in the USA, one of the highest ranked monastic leaders of that brotherhood immediately asked a visiting Orthodox Priest if he and his wife engaged in oral sex.  Not the usual salutation one might expect.  Unfortunately, this abusive and distorted voyeurism masked under monasticism has been reported before here.  It is also reported concerning those clergy and laity that follow this unhealthy ilk.

This distortion of monasticism stands in remarkable contrast with healthy, wholesome and normal monasticism.  Monasticism is a vital part of Orthodox Spirituality and deserves to be monitored properly by the hierarch to ensure it is best represented.  Not only to protect the faithful from this, but also other actions and heretical teachings (like aerial tollhouses).

There are good examples of wholesome and healthy monastic communities.  One of these is located in Washington state, specifically on the Vashon island in Puget Sound. https://vashonmonks.com/wp/

The monks at the All-Merciful Saviour Monastery seem to represent one of the better examples of the monastic life. The monastery is headed by Abbot Tryphon, who publishes an almost daily blog at the Ancient Faith website.  Blogs.ancientfaith.com To get a sense of the wholesomeness of Abbott Tryphon, please visit https://youtu.be/pgyhIkcHLZA?list=PLVt2095LEkjhuAH9Tavd5EoY98Fa3w-eQ for a very touching interview.

In is refutation of purgatory entitled “The Heresy of Penal Substitution”, Abbott Tryphon’s July 6th 2016 commentary (http://blogs.ancientfaith.com/morningoffering/2016/07/heresy-penal-substitution/) can also be seen to dismiss the idea of Aerial Tollhouses, which leave the saving grace of God in the hands of demons who test the soul upon a person’s death, thus making a complete mockery of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.

Monasteries like this one will make a positive difference in America’s landscape, and hopefully bring more people to Christ.  As it stands now, the fundamentalist monasteries in America are chasing people away.