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“Ephraimite” Clergy Sex, Lies, and Video Tape – “piece of cake”.

“Ephraimite” Clergy Sex, Lies, and Video Tape – “piece of cake”.

The New York Post (October 4th 2015) reported that Fr. Passias’ God-daughter recorded them in sexual acts.   For a huge proponent of Elder Ephraim’s teachings that married people should only have sex in order for procreation, it is sad to see these pictures and newspaper articles documenting these indiscretions. It makes one wonder why more people do not see the illogic and unwholesomeness of these perversions that are labeled as “teachings”.

It is a sad day for the Church when something like this happens.   It beckons the obvious question that perhaps if Fr. Passias had a normal and healthy understanding of the beautiful nature of human sexuality in the sacrament of marriage, maybe he would not have resorted to this.

The bottom line is that Fr. Passias had it within his control to prevent this. It seems quite apparent that Fr. Passias’ “blind obedience” to the unhealthy and distorted teachings of Elder Ephraim severely compromised his judgement.

Imagine how much worse that could be to laymen that do not have the education that Fr. Passias does. Scott Nevins comes to mind. There are others. There are many reports of Scott Nevins having his emotional wellness compromised by the Monastery of Elder Ephraim.  Under great duress, he wound up killing himself at the gates of the monastery.  Elder Ephraim and his proponents continue to influence the faithful and naive. No one in the Church is challenging them. There will be more stories that we will hear about that have yet to unfold.