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Russian Made Video Extolls Ephraim – Undermines GOA

Recently a new video (April 2015) was curiously financed and produced by a Russian production company that in our opinion seems focused on undermining the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA) and extols Elder Ephraim. It is subtitled in English.

  • A follower of Ephraim categorically states that the Greek Orthodox Church in America has “fallen into decline and has drawn closer to Protestantism or Catholicism”.
  • Video refers to Elder Ephraim as a Saint and the “Apostle to America”.
  • Video also boasts that Saint Anthony’s is the second Mount Athos.
  • Video shows and mentions scores of families regularly attending services there in lieu of going to a local parish. Monastery functioning as a local parish.

What and who would benefit from this?  At whose expense?  Why would a Russian organization fund and produce this professionally made video featuring Elder Ephraim and the onion-domed buildings at the elaborate Saint Anthony’s Monastery?

 Video is located at:



Hierarchs Must Now Act As Hierarchs

Click here to read an English language translation of an article that appears in the Greek language version of The National Herald («Εθνικός Κήρυξ»). The article discloses the plan of action mandated by our Ecumenical Patriarch. Our Patriarch is requesting that the two Metropolitans of the Metropolises of Chicago and Denver submit their resignations. The article also describes that the Patriarch has directed the Archbishop to affect a change in status to the auxiliary Bishop of Mokissos, currently on assignment in Chicago. We encourage all of our readers to carefully read this article and access the original Greek version online.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and it’s Metropolises have been suffering from an exodus of adherents for many years. No better example of this mass exodus can be found than the two Metropolises, the Metropolitans of which are the subject matter of this article. Both Metropolitans have been reported on numerous occasions to inject their vindictiveness on mostly innocent Parishes. They have seemed to have exhibited incompetence and arrogance in the supervision of their flocks. This article accurately explains some of the reasons why a mandate for change is called for, and with the apparent intervention of a higher authority, the ultimate outcome may be a highly desirable result.

See the original Greek language version at this link: http://www.ekirikas.com/category/community/church/


In Process….

We are waiting for confirmation of the Patriarch asking Archbishop Demetrios of the GOA to request the resignations of Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver,  Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago, and the removal of Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos – the Chancellor of Chicago.

We will post more information as we hear it.

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