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NEW Website in Chicago Appeals for Help!

Orthodox Revolutionaries & Fundamentalists

New article by Fr. John Winfrey. 

When reading the current affairs of the Church it is terribly easy to become discouraged and disillusioned. This can be caused equally by those who are revolutionaries trying to change the  Faith and morals of the Church as well as by those who insist on saving the Church from its modern life by trying to establish their understanding of the “pure” Church of whatever age upon us now. Additionally, one can be lead to despair by the Church’s entrenched attachment to dysfunctional bureaucratic method even when it’s simply not practical or even appropriate to a new people, whose home is a new place with a different culture, living in a radically different time. “Byzantinism” cannot remain if we truly wish for Orthodoxy to grow in this new place and amongst these people who have no cultural ties to the Byzantine mind.

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Another Greek Orthodox Priest Speaks Up!

On the heels of Fr. Angelo Artemas speaking up against the actions of Bishop Demetri (Kantzavelos), another Greek Orthodox Priest writes a letter that was published on the OCL (Orthodox Christian Laity) website.

What is particularly interesting are the comments from the respected Mr. George Karcazes at the end of the letter.

The letter shows the anguish of a veteran and seasoned priest who confesses his dismay at the poor leadership of the Hierarchs of the GOA, and also calls attention to a “cancer within our Church” – the Ephraimite movement.

Please click anywhere in the text to be linked to the OCL site to read Fr. Nicholas’ letter.