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Respected Orthodox Priest Blogs about Problems We Face in USA.

Here is an article that is written by a highly regarded Orthodox Priest that has the courage of his convictions. He has set forth a number of problems with Orthodoxy in North America. One of the themes of his multi-step examination of our beloved Church in America is of course the Ephraimite problem and its detrimental effect on the overall health of Orthodoxy. Here are a couple of quotes:

One of the worst ways one can have a fiefdom can be abusive use of the sacrament of confession and spiritual guruship (if I may so coin such a term–I’m sure someone already has anyhow).  This can be seen when priests overemphasize the teachings of Ephraimite monasteries and begin to dictate sexual behaviors within a marriage–and I don’t mean deal with pornography and adultery, but literally dictate parishioners’ sex lives.  A priest is responsible before God for the ministry of the parish but that should not entail mini-dictatorships.

4) Stop trying to make the parish into a monastery.  Married people have sex.  It’s a good thing.  They should confess pornography and fornication and adultery, but let’s not micro-manage the rest.”

See the entire article by clicking here.


An Important Challenge to the Greek Orthodox Church

A powerful article by Peter S Kehayes was posted on the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese website that has been unnoticed.  We would like to highlight it here because of its astute and important observations.  Here is an excerpt:

In a startling find, statistics disclose over 60% of Greek Orthodox families of the last generation and 90% of Americans with Greek roots are no longer in communion with the Church.

To see the entire article (that we copied for your convenience on March 28th 2014), click anywhere in this post.  To see the article on the GOA website, click or copy and paste this link below.