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Young Adult Leaves Church Because of Fundamentalism

Click here to read powerful accounts of how families and individuals are devastated by the fundamentalist activities as reported in the  Chicago Metropolis area. This is a 2 part story. The other part is easily seen once you click here. These are stories that we have heard many times across this country.  Unfortunately we will probably hear it again.  Families are being divided. Communities are being torn apart.  The response of our leadership appears to be complete silence – as if to say if you can’t live up to being Orthodox, then go away.  What they don’t seem to realize is that extreme fundamentalism is simply not healthy.

A View Into The Destruction Of Families by Ephraimites is published by our brothers and sisters in the Chicago based web site Greek Orthodox Christians for Truth and Reform. http://GoTruthReform.org . It is one of many accounts where people that have been born and raised Greek Orthodox have been systematically pushed out of their Church by hard hearted zealots that revel in their Pharisaical arrogance to stack burdens on people shoulders, and then dismiss them when they painfully cannot adopt the fundamentalist ways. 

The fundamentalist agenda of the Elder Ephraim movement mocks the years that our Church prospered here in America.   Click here to read how one such young adult decided to leave the Church.  How many more are there that did not write to tell us.  We fear that there are many, and many to come.