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Fundamentalist Teachings at Summer Youth Camps

One of our Editors was informed of a situation that happened at a recent high school age Church Camp within the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. A younger priest spoke to the kids.  They came back home greatly disturbed.  The high-schoolers reported that he taught them that the only reason people should get married is to have children – and that procreation is the only reason for conjugal relations.  He taught them that there is no basis for science.  He then went on to tell them that being gay is equivalent to being a drug addict or an alcoholic.  He continued to state that foster care is wrong, and that adopting children is wrong.  There was a young female there who states she is gay.  There was another young female there who was adopted by a loving family.

We get numerous messages here about similar situations. In each case the parents and those concerned or affected have formally complained.  Yet nothing ever seems to be done.  How long will these families continue to attend and donate to those Greek Orthodox Churches?  Is it any wonder why in so many parishes attendance is down and stewardship monies are down also?

In a very graphic example, look at the Nevins Family.  They brought up their concerns years before their son (former monk Scott Nevins) apparently killed himself near the Monastery Gates. Perhaps if that issue was properly addressed, Scott would still be alive today. Fortunately most situations do not end up like this. Even one case is too many. Yet we have to ask how many more lives may be hurt from the pastoral apathy, disregard, and maybe even incompetence?

Deny, Defend, Deflect

This article is posted on this website with the permission and consent of its authors, the Editors of GoTruthReform.Org. It also appears on their website and has not been altered by WeAreOrthodox.com. We wish to thank GoTruthReform.Org for making this available to our readers.

Read how you are perceived when either of these responses is given whenever you ask about the Fundamentalist Ephraimite issue.