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Prophets for Profit – The Dismantling of the GOA

This article explores the current situation in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and suggests some startling conclusions. Click here to read now.

One Year Since Scott Died

June 11th 2013 marks the one year anniversary of the death of former Monk Scott Nevins.  From a healthy and robust childhood and upbringing, he met his demise near the gates of Saint Anthony’s Monastery in Arizona from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound.  He was not able to heal from the wounds of the alleged spiritual abuse and domination that continued to haunt him, even after he escaped at 2am months before.  The cries and pleads for help from his Parents (before and after he left) stating the he was a victim of mind control and emotional abuse, were not heard.  How many tears have they shed? Their lives are forever changed.

What have our Church leaders done to investigate and ensure this will not happen again?  Click this link to read the answer from an article published by Pokrov.org.



Senior Pro-Ephraim Priest Continues To Stir Controversy.

Fr. George Passias is no stranger to controversy.

Pokrov.org reported in 1998 an article written by the Theodore Kalmoukos (of the National Herald) that Fr. Ephraim has had significant influence in the administration of the Archdiocese. The former Chancellor, Fr. George Passias, happens to be one of Elder Ephraim’s most loyal followers. Ephraim is also admired by the former President of the Theological School, Archimandrite Damaskinos Ganas, who, according to sources, wanted to invite Fr. Ephraim to hear confessions from students. Fr. Ganas did not respond to the Herald’s offer for an interview.

 Click here to see what Fr.Passias is up to now, as reported by the New York Post June 2, 2013.


Heroes of Truth

Who has the courage and conviction to speak up?  We have such Heroes in our Church today. In spite of the difficulties that heralding Truth might cause, Truth is the only thing that can help our Church, and help us as individuals as well.  Truth gives us our bearings and protects us from delusions and fantasies.


Click Here to read about these modern day Church Heroes.