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Metropolitan Sotirios of Canada Warning About Certain Monasteries.

Metropolitan Sotirios of Canada warns faithful about “certain” Monasteries.

(A pro Elder Ephraim follower listed this as “Slandering” Athonite Monasticism.  Another misrepresentation.)

During the Advent Lenten period of 2012, Metropolitan Sotirios of Toronto spoke against certain fundamentalist monasteries and immature spiritual confessors. God bless him for being brave. He is not anti-Monastic, but anti sick-monasticism. (Like Metropolitan Hierotheos who excommunicated one such Monastery in Nafpaktos, Greece). The person that posted this is pro the fundamentalist Elder Ephraim, as you will obviously see in his fundamentalist diatribe. It is encouraging to see a Hierarch come forward to protect the faithful.

We listened to the entire video. He is not slandering Athonite Monasteries. He is, however, obviously concerned about some of them. Metropolitan Hierotheos in Nafpaktos excommunicated one Monastery there in order to protect the fold. He and Metropolitan Sotirios are concerned about the wellness of the people. What about obedience to the Bishop? Or is it conditional obedience?


Another Monastery Follower Almost Commits Suicide

The National Herald recently published a “chilling” interview with a former Elder Ephraim Monastery follower who almost committed suicide.  The full story is available from Pokrov. Click now read.

Ignoring – A modus operandi of the GOA Holy Synod?

If you ignore it – it will go away – An essay on an apparent modus operandi of the GOA Holy Synod

Read this essay which utilizes the important Patriarch Athenagoras Institute report “The Orthodox Church Today” by Alexei D. Krindatch of the Patriarch Athenagoras Institute (September 2007 through May 2008),

In light of recent events, is ignoring business as usual?

  1. Click to read this sobering analysis/essay.
  2. If you would like to see the 180+ page original report please click here.

View the KVOA Report of 2/10/13

To view the KVOA Tucson, Arizona recent investigative report that aired on February 10, 2013, please click here. 

Monastery Investigative Report by KVOA in Tucson, AZ

Monastery Mystery

(click link above to view promo)

KVOA, a well noted local news station in Tucson, Arizona, will air a powerful report on February 10th, 2013 at 10pm Arizona time. This can be viewed online.

Kristi Tedesco is an award winning journalist who did another such investigative report several years ago.  This follow up will be a powerful story following the recent death of a young former monk at the Monastery gates.

This is a “Kristi’s Kids Investigation” that must be seen by all interested in this story.

Look for the “live stream” button near the top. Click the banner.  A short commercial will show first, then the story. If someone clicks on the banner before the story starts, nothing will appear.  It is sure to be a noteworthy story.



Impending Lawsuit and Demand Letter of GOA

A law firm has been retained to represent Diane and Ashley Nevins, parents of the former monk who committed suicide at the monastery gates of Saint Anthony’s in Florence, Arizona. San Francisco attorney Mr. Stephen M. Murphy has be retained for a wrongful death suit.  

Murphy stipulates the Nevins’ allegations:

The death of the Nevins’ only son can be directly attributed to the more than six years of horrific physical and psychological abuse he endured at St. Anthony’s. The methodology used by the monastery’s leadership, Archimandrites Ephraim and Paisios, fits every criterion used by the mental health community to identify a group which engages in the destructive practice of thought reform. … Scott sustained severe emotional trauma as a direct result of the Archimandrites Ephraim and Piasios’s (sic) coercive tactics and practices, and the harm continued to affect Scott Nevins after he fled from St. Anthony’s Monastery in February of 2011. Scott Nevins’ death could have been prevented had either Metropolitan Gerasimos or Archbishop Demetrios responded to the Nevins’ pleas to remove Scott from the monastery and provide him with the help necessary to recover from the destructive practices he encountered at St. Anthony’s.”

The purpose of the impending lawsuit by the Nevins family is stated to be in order to protect other families and individuals. The document states “every aspect of this lawsuit will be made public” in harmony with the Nevins’ wishes.

The attachments also include queries as to why the Greek Orthodox Church has allowed Saint Anthony’s to promote unaccepted teachings and practices, unchallenged.  In addition, the attachments also include documentation suggesting that the practices of Elder Ephraim and Saint Anthony’s Monastery meet all eight criteria of being a “cult”. 

The recipients are:  the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco, and Saint Anthony’s Monastery in Arizona.  They have seven days to respond to this demand letter, otherwise a lawsuit will be filed.

Click anywhere above in order to see the Demand Letter and all attachments (about 9 megabytes in PDF format – may take a while to view if you have a slower connection speed).