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Noted Newspaper Questions Church Leaders and Ephraim Movement

Click to Read this scathing article based on the recent Archdiocesan Vice Chairman’s speech on the state of affairs in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

The National Herald has published a powerful and scathing publication based on the Archdiocesan Council’s Vice Chairman Michael Jaharis’ speech. Theodore Kalmoukos is a noted theologian who authored this article. The National Herald, a bilingual publication, refers to the Ephraim movement as a “dangerous fundamentalism and distortion of our Orthodox Faith”.

Other topics include the state of affairs with the Seminary, the gun-shot death of former monk Scott Nevins at the Arizona Monastery, and the Archdiocesan structure itself. The article states that “The Metropolitans are not really ruling Hierarchs but something in between auxiliary bishops and titular metropolitans, and thus should not be commemorated as shepherds.” Read this article to see why.

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